Jacque Harper, Clay Johnson, Len Lagestee, John Manganaro, Jim Sanders, Jonathan Yenkin, and Mahi Inampudi reunite for a conversation almost a decade after their Cars.com business agility transformation journey — they remember the experience and share what they still carry with them from the experience, how their individual paths have progressed, and what perspective they offer others on similar transformation journeys.

Jacque Harper

I listen to people and work to translate their needs and desires into tools, goals and situations that help them to succeed. As a usability professional, this means I conduct user research and moderate in-lab testing in order to design interactions and workflows that are intuitive and attractive and which help users accomplish their top tasks. As an agile coach—remembering that agile should never be rigid—I observe team and enterprise dynamics and illuminate practices and behaviors to bring better health to development teams and organizations.

As a result of my career progression from production and graphic design, then into the trenches of back-end code and then back to user experience, I am a strong facilitator of communication between the creators and the users of software. My expertise is primarily in web applications, but could easily be generalized to any area where there are non-technical users who need to understand the technical people, and vice versa.

My interest in providing rich and memorable experiences extends beyond work life. I am a musician, and I have performed with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, symphony orchestras in Rockford, IL and South Bend, IN, and musical theater in the greater Chicagoland area. I lead my own group, a chamber ensemble of double basses called the Chicago Bass Ensemble. With that group, I have commissioned and performed the premieres of two new works for bass quartet and one for marimba and bass sextet. I live in the city of Chicago and happily take public transportation to and from work. I occasionally blog.

Specialties: User interviews, field study, heuristic analysis, usability analysis, agile methodology, agile coaching, scrum

Clay Johnson

Wide-ranging proficiency in product management, development, design, and delivery in enterprise and start-up environments.

Organizational leadership and change management experience across User Experience, Software Development, and Product Management functions.

Rapidly effective in new, essential roles across organizations, industries, and disciplines.

Expertise developing B2C, B2B, & B2B2C solutions across distributed SAAS products, features, and services.

Propensity for coalescing end-to-end qualitative discovery, quantitative decision-making, architectural considerations, and financials.

Robust written and verbal communication skills across all levels of management and divisions.

Len Lagestee

As an Agile coach, Len interacts with large organizations to connect people, revitalize leadership, deliver results, and invigorate the workforce. He is also blogging about his experiences and insights into transforming organizations and leadership at Illustrated Agile.

You can also hear Len on the podcast “The Illustrated Agile Podcast” for behind the scenes stories behind the posts on the blog. Listen everywhere you find podcasts.

Len has authored the book, Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition available on Kindle.

John Manganaro

John Manganaro is the SVP of Product Management and Data Science at Social Solutions Global where he and his team focus on building software solutions that enable non-profit and public-sector organizations to positively impact their communities. The company focuses on empowering clients to achieve better outcomes through transformative data analysis and actionable insights in an unparalleled, collaborative environment. Through these efforts, SSG clients can maximize the use of the funding they receive and impact the highest number of people in the most vulnerable populations among us.

Previously, John was Vice President of Product & Analytics for DRIVIN – CarCo Technologies, where he and his teams worked to solve used vehicle inventory optimization and profitability problems for dealership partners. The teams focused on heavy quantitative analyses in order to help DRIVIN’s dealership partners stock their lots to sell profitable vehicles in a short time frame. DRIVIN was acquired by KAR Auction Services who was able to leverage the technology and data science outputs from John’s teams to continue to scale their impact in the wholesale automotive industry.

Prior to DRIVIN, John was a Management Consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers within their Pricing & Profitability group. During his tenure with PwC, John focused on a variety of project types that included: value-based pricing strategy; waterfall pricing and discount execution; value-based sales strategy; go-to-Market strategy; KPI dashboard development; and loyalty program measurement and adoption strategy.

Prior to PwC, John spent more than six years as a product owner for various dot-com organizations, including Cars.com, where he and his product team were responsible for the site’s car shopper search experience.

John is a graduate of the University of Illinois – Champaign-Urbana (B.A.) and the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management (MBA).

Jim Sanders

Highly experienced, “hands-on” leader with proven success building, leading and transforming program and project management functions based on pragmatic Agile/Lean principles and traditional project management disciplines. Extensive and broad career experience spanning a mixture of corporate roles/functions as well as business management and IT consulting. Expertise in Project Management, Program Management, Project Portfolio Management, PMO creation and management, Organizational Agile Transformation and Delivery, Product Development and Go To Market Processes.

Jonathan Yenkin

Experienced online product development professional, with broad strategic and product management skills developed during many years working in digital media. Adept at developing customer-focused product plans and content strategies, as well as leading agile teams in executing on those plans. A strong team player who thrives when collaborating with colleagues across multiple disciplines.

Mahi Inampudi

Chief Product & Technology Officer with Envoy Global, making it easier for employers and workers to pursue opportunities across the global marketplace. Specialties: product management, technology strategy, enterprise architecture, software development, innovation, agile,social software, collaboration platforms.