Michael Hugos, John Orvos, and Si Alhir explore business agility from their unique vantage points and experiences — the Why, What, and How of business agility.

Michael Hugos

Michael Hugos combines techniques from business startups with agile software development and game theory to create elegant solutions to complex problems. Michael focuses on supply chains and business analytics. Michael has been invited to brief commanding general of US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) on topics of resilience and command and control in global supply chains. He is an award-winning chief information officer, published author and engaging speaker.

Michael’s company, SCM Globe, provides cloud-based supply chain modeling and simulation applications for education and business. Used in universities, supply chain training programs and consulting companies worldwide.

John Orvos

John Orvos brings over 20 years experience as a sales leader, business consultant, Agile practice leader, and award-winning agile strategist. John has led transformations alongside hundreds of agile consultants dealing with adopting and scaling Agile in Fortune 500 organizations. Over the past ten years, John has worked with these customers to adopt and scale agile practices on an enterprise level. John published the book Achieving Business Agility: Strategies for Becoming Pivot Ready in a Digital World, which provides a fresh perspective on how to enable an entire organizations to become an agile business.

Si Alhir

Si Alhir is an entrepreneur, author, enterprise business agility/antifragility & digital transformation leader, coach, consultant, & practitioner (Catalyst) partnering with individuals, teams, and enterprises in integrating business, strategy, leadership, culture, execution, and technology to achieve business outcomes and growth in a disruptive world — with over four decades of working with start-ups and the Fortune 500.