Si Alhir

Si Alhir is an entrepreneur, author, enterprise business agility/antifragility & digital transformation leader, coach, consultant, & practitioner (Catalyst) partnering with individuals, teams, and enterprises in integrating business, strategy, leadership, culture, execution, and technology to achieve business outcomes and growth in a disruptive world — with over four decades of working with start-ups and the Fortune 500.

Si is the author of The Antifragility Edge: Antifragility in Practice (2016), Achieving Impact Through Engagement: Ownership, Actions, Intentions, and Results (2015), and Conscious Agility: Conscious Capitalism + Business Agility = Antifragility (2013) .

Lynn Stafford

Lynn Stafford connects brands to culture and culture to brands. As a Business Agility consultant, his work fosters creative emergence to impact strategic growth, team optimization, leadership and work-place environments.

As Sr. VP, Creative Director for BBDO, he was responsible for contextualizing and delivering content for Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler brands for the U.S. and European market. Lynn has produced, written and directed large communications events for Fortune 500 companies that include pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and the healthcare industries.

Lynn’s interest in organizational transformation and the arts provide a unique voice and skill set to help cultivate authentic conversations and organic, catalytic experiences. He is a musician and has performed leading roles On and Off- Broadway.

Barry Bettman

Barry Bettman is an Executive Producer Tribal Leadership, Workplace Culture Approved Tribal Leader Consultant, and Professional Certified Coach. His objectives include: coaching individuals and teams of organizations from C level executives to workers in the trenches in order maximize performance, profit and professionalism; facilitating needs assessments, delivered effective programs, and conducted training in a wide variety of process improvement and people skills to impact both the bottom line and the company culture; and developing leaders to increase their power, presence and performance as world class executives.

Jason Martinez

Jason Martinez help folks with Agility and Digital Transformation Aspirations. Jason embraces the charge of ensuring internal clients are well versed in ways of using traditional and advanced lean management tools and agile techniques to execute their work and solve problems. He ensures his clients have adopted the mindset to execute work in highly effective and efficient way. He coach Agility to everyone in the value stream, from concept to cash, at every level organizationally, from senior executive leadership to team doer in business and technology.

Ciprian Alpiu Moga

Ciprian Alpiu Moga helps leaders who want to bring their organization to the next age of development. He support them implementing the change (strategy, organizational development, transformation) and developing their people to sustain the change (training, coaching and mobilization). He integrate in his approach both systemic, rational tools, and soft, human, “warm” approaches, because he believe that a successful organization has flesh and bones, heart and soul, like a human being.

Miguel Fernandes Pala

Miguel Fernandes Pala is a creative transformation consultant, eager to change mindsets at the crossroads between IT and business with an holistic view about strategy, organisation, processes and IS, as well as governance principles.
Using his skills to align business objectives, operations and systems, Miguel provides keys to help moving forward along the agile maturity roadmap. His focus is less on technology nor on the code, but on people, process, problem solving, and requirements that help create change and improvement. Dedicated to help shifting mental models towards an agile way of thinking, he work with cross-functional teams and more broadly anyone responsible for making the expected product or service a market reality.

Roberto Laghi

Roberto Laghi has worked in the Banking/Financial sector for almost 25 years as a Project/Change Manager.

He supervised business development projects all around the world (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Istanbul, Italy, Switzerland, Panama, Montevideo, Buenos Aires), governing the operational setup of Banks, Investment Advisory Companies and Representative Offices.

A citizen of the World, he is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, which is the best way to create multicultural teams that foster and drive innovation.

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